Saturday, October 31, 2009

yeah girl

meet Israeli pop sensation Ilana Avital, pop sensation from Israel

Friday, October 30, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

very important message from your friends at PH

We changed the spelling of our name a couple of months ago.

it is now P-E-A-R-L H-A-R-B-O-R

Please make necessary adjustments to any written
acknowledgments of our coterie.

better off without U,


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Word with Mr. Freddy "K" Kussman

PK: When did you start writing music? Were you a solo musician first or was "The Breeze" there from day 1?

FK: I dont really remember. played piano at 5 and guitar lessons from 7 to 9,,, i was probly writin some bizzare poetry stuff as a mid-teen...songs actually started to take shape at age 23 when i finished a ten year run smokin dust from age 13.. .definately a narrow path with few survivors ...would not advise it to anyone else although im grateful for what i learned in hindsight...i guess ive always been a solo artist...the breeze was a nickname i gave my friend and collaberator Jimmy Beseke..we/ I use to make names for everyone and everything/they were fun and immature/Deep times ...but the "Breeze" turned from an individual to a concept...everyone in the world was considered by us/me a member of the was non-optional were a member whether you liked it or not.Ive played with a multitude of talented more of just a songwriter/survivor/historian.

PK: What bands/musicians would you site as your hugest influences?

FK: oh Boy...everything .Dylan /young / pink Floyd /Alice Cooper /cat stevens /patti smith/doors/supertramp/seeger/springstein/bowie/beatles /stones/traffic..elton john./pre disco Beegies,,even elvis ..tubes/zepplin/Grand funk Railroad.... toooooo many to ever list with proper gratitude ... these artists and many more saved my life in hard times with their insight to help a poor boy like me to carry on

PK: What's your favorite FK & the Breeze jam?

FK: Full Time Musician /Livin In A Love Song 45 vinyl from 1986 let me know i could do was raw and real ,,,Kids were tough as Nails is kind of signature tune and Clean Friends is cool whatever ... all songs are like my kids...ive got a good hundred plus tunes that God only knows if theyll ever be heard or appreciated in this life long as it exists in the eternal spiritual realm is probly more important than human appreciation or current day approval.

PK: I read on your website that you are involved in a Christian Action Fellowship prison program "witnessing to inmates through song and shared experience". How is that going? What's the craziest thing that you've seen while visiting with these guys?

FK: ive seen some pretty heavy stuff /more as an inmate in my teens and early 20's//// i got a little tarred and feathered after about a dozen plus years volunteerin at the state prison /in typical freddy k of the inmates put me on his phone list cause i knew his girlfriend and she was actin up ...that was a no no and i got SUSPENDED from Prison ...Imagine that ...but i still work with Ex cons all the time and have been goin into juvy jails lately ....those kids are tough as nails....nothin like we were ...their more just fresh and disrespectful ...but ya gota love em .. maybe reach one of em once in a while ..try anyways

PK: What's your public access show all about? What kind of community issues do you touch on?

FK: its about whatever flows along ...mostly i play music solo or with guests ..usually in nature settins ...i get goofy ,political, spiritual, probly go right over most of the audiences heads. but i dont mind ..someone out there might get it and the rest get what they get...ive done shows in homeless encampments and really ryled up the powers that think they Be

PK: Why is everyone in Boston such a bro?

FK: people are pretty cool in general given the chance long as you dont leave your wallet hangin in plain site...the rich are probly more likely to dip in than the truely desperate ...go figure ,,,but im use ta boston people... i guess were just starvin for love round here

PK: What do you believe to be the most formidable sociopolitical issue(s) facing Americans today?

FK: WOW ,,,the more i give my version/perception of the truth the less friends ill have...Lets just say that Mankind in general have verred from their true purpose for existance,,,lookin for external/temporal fixes and losin sight of their internal/eternal purpose and condition for bein ..,, America is a farce,,,our Government has sold us out to the New world Order .." a Patriots never dead enough until you take away his countrys love,,,a patriots never dead enough until he bows down to the new World Order." WE need to mind our own business and stop showin preferential treatment to THe UnHoly Land .

PK: Who are the devil-worshipping bastards from hell, or rather, who's the ultimate devil-worshipping bastard from hell? Any messages you'd like to send him/them?

FK: We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities....mine is not to judge or damn any Human being but to treat them as if they have the potential for redemption ...all will be judged ..but thankyou God it aint my job

PK: Any plans for reunion shows?

FK: My whole frekin life is a reunion show ...but yes i hope to kick some butt shortly with some live stuff as soon as i identify a worthy target

PK: Thanks a lot, Freddy! You rule!

FK: your super welcome J I L

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


tonight w/ HUNX & his PUNX @ Mountain Bar in Chinatown

friday w/ Dunez @ Whizzle Ztop in Zan Diego

Alan McGee gives PH the green light.. a few typos & our names are spelled kind of crazily, but the intention is clear. thanx alan!!

Read here:

Pearl Harbor on Pepsi Maxcast

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alrigh ahri

Pearl Harbor @ Matzahs w/ Vivian Girls, Beets, and Woah Hunx

Sound is kinda crazy, but thas cuz we's ponk

Oh yeah, and peep this shit! KINO- Gruppa Krovi

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

so killer

Fank-Haus brings the Mahayan message to your tube