Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Subject: Fuck you!! you poser
6:27 AM
To: Pearl Harbor

You are just stealing the ideas of early 90's British Noise and regurgitating it for the new generation. There is nothing real there. The only reason I wanted to buy your stupid CD was because I was doing a comparsion study in my zine about "girl" bands of today versus bands of the early 90's. It's basically how all of you have really nothing to say and are just entertaining the hipsters.
Just because you have gotten press and are playing shows doesn't mean shit. You better have a better business sense and a better fucking thick skin to deal with assholes. If I pissed you off imagine what others will do at your shows. I know, I've seen it all. You better get your shit together and not take your little fame for granted or you are really going to find failure.
But thank you for the inspiration of the article. I'll call it "Pearl Harbor are a bunch of Cunts"
I like it.


  1. Haha! Isn't hate mail the best? Don't worry about this loser - YOU are the ones doing something cool and creative with your time. This idiot sits in their room all day and complains on their computer about how nothing is as cool or original as it was waaaaaay back then. I think we know who the real cunt is haha...

  2. I like how this guy or gal is writing this at 6:30 AM. What a cunt.

  3. I bet he was rocking out to System of a Down when writing that.