Friday, February 19, 2010


Hey guyeezzz,

We're playing a free show with the wonderful Harlem & Smith Westerns @ Madame Wong's in Chinatown. It is conveniently located in the same complex as Mountain Bar & Ooga Booga. Keep an eye out for wasted teenagers, conspicuous internet predators, local celebrities, and other likely attendees as they will help guide you to your destination.

Colt 45 will be there, but I don't know if it's free. If you don't want to pay, maybe you should, you know... figure something out...

Jimi Hey will be DJing

Doors @ 9
Harlem @ 9:45
Smith Westerns @ 10:45
Pearl Harbor @ 11:45

Sounds good to me! C U THERE

949 Sun Mun Way, L.A. Chinatown, I don't know the zip

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