Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pearl Harbor 4 Vogue Italia

i can't read Italian, but i think this is probably a puff piece. thanks vogue italia!

update: holy shit! vogue italia costs $15.95 USD!

damn, gina! these fools are fuckin me up!


  1. sweeties! if u want, i can translate for u (i am italian). let me know. it's a long article, but i can do it for u :)
    PS: i am still waiting for the record with the cassette. do you know if it was shipped?

  2. probably not the best translation, but i think it could be good :)

    Less is more. We don’t need bands with a lot of members to set off an explosive musical alchimy. A “duo” is enough. And an original formula, mixing pop and dance music.

    It was ever one of the best combinations of the pop music. Its variants? Him&him, him&her, her&her. But, at he moment, not uncommon are “open couples”. An example is Buddy Lake: a band from Vienna, who catches from electro-pop sounds, disco, futurist R’n’B rhythms, horror movies soundtracks. “We are not a duo”, Christian Fuchs explains, who divides the scene with Suzy On The Rocks. “We are only the visible side o fan enormous musicians, producers and artists collective, which we call the Family of the bunnies”.
    The first well done album by the Bunny Lake, “The beautiful fall” (Klein/Universal Music), has got an out of doubt dance’s flavor. “Title comes from the Alicia Drake’s book on the fashion world in Paris during the Seventies. Etc….

    Sometimes a duo is a family business, as for Pearl Harbor, namely Piper and Skyler Kaplan, 22 and 15 years old, whose, after the 4 tracks EP “Something about the chaparallas” exit, went out on the “LA Times” pages. Everything started when Piper was working for Disney, where she met her idol, the coroner R. Stevie Moore, who suggested to her to go to New York for a DJ set. From that blessed day, the Pearl Harbor didn’t stop to play gigs and next summer they will have a tour in the States with Haunted Graffiti and Magic Kids to promote “Art Fag”, their next first album, in arrive late june. Listening to their music, with ethereal sounds sometimes remanding to Fleetwood Mac (“I love them, as I love my mother”, Piper confesses),you could thought the two musician sisters live the californian dream. “Not really: usually we drop out of the bed, we casually put something on and we start to work. We are lazy and decadent”.

    In the him&her duos, the canadian Crystal Castles are a cult band for the musical magazine NME. Etc….

  3. hey stefanauz,

    thanks for the tranzlaylay, my man..

    i think i liked it better when it was in italian. really digging "le sorelle".. a lot prettier on the eyes than "the sisters", yeah?

    good lookin out, dood. very sweet of you to translate this for us.


  4. p.s. your record & cassette went out yesterday!

  5. it was a pleasure for me to translate it for you :) hoping to meet you soon in italy for a concert or for your holidays :) pls, let me know everything about your next records! i luv your music soooo much!!!

  6. record and cassette arrived today! tx a lot piper :)